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Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

Best Non Surgical Facelift Treatment in Pondicherry

A non-surgical facelift is the use of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures to address the effects of ageing and to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. It is not a single procedure or treatment but a combination of several.

The components of a Non-Surgical Face Lift

Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are a cornerstone of Non-Surgical Facelifts. These smooth-gel injectables immediately restore volume along the cheeks, temples, lips and under the eyes. Plumping sunken areas, dark shadows are eliminated, creating youthful vibrancy. Placed along the Nasolabial Folds or Marionette Lines, fillers can create definition and smooth tissues for a wrinkle-free look. Dermal fillers can be made from several products, including moisture-rich Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Their plumping and smoothing properties can last from six months to over a full year.

Fat injections
Fat injections are a semi-invasive procedure, using fatty tissue extracted through liposuction on a different area of the body. These fat cells are cleaned and processed, then reinjected into the face to enhance facial volume. The living fat cells will integrate with the existing tissues, offering youthful contours that will last for years to come.

Best Non Surgical Facelift Treatment in Pondicherry


The standout feature of these procedures is that they do not require large incisions, General Anesthesia, or overnight Hospitalization, unlike in the case of a surgical facelift. They are quick affairs, with patients leaving the doctor soon after the treatment.

As compared to this, a regular facelift, or Rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure; in other words, the patient goes under the knife. Surgical results are more impressive, but being invasive, it has certain risks and higher complication rates.

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