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Best Skin Allergy Treatment in Pondicherry

A skin allergy is when skin becomes irritated because the immune system reacted to something that is usually harmless. This is called an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can cause rash, itching, burning, redness, bumps, hives, and swelling. Many different allergens can cause a reaction. 


A skin allergy is a skin condition where the immune systems reacts strongly to an allergen. The reaction can cause irritation, rashes, swelling, or hives. The cause of the allergy depends on the condition and the allergen.


Moisturizing lotions and creams.

There are a variety of creams and lotions to help reduce the symptoms of skin allergies. These hydrating creams can help your skin stay moisturized and reduce the symptoms of itchiness, swelling, and irritation.

Best Skin Allergy Treatment in Pondicherry


Oral corticosteroids are usually prescribed if topical hydrocortisone cream has proven ineffective. This treatment is commonly used to provide relief for patients with eczema. Oral corticosteroids will help reduce itching and inflammation in the affected area.

Allergy shots.

Allergy shots are prescribed for patients suffering from a variety of respiratory and skin allergies. These shots are effective at treating eczema and contact dermatitis that is caused by exposure to environmental allergens, such as pollen, dust, and grass.

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